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Being the daughter of a man who the USPA has called one of the best American Polo Players of all time, Mike Azzaro, Allie Azzaro, has grown up accustomed to life on the road.

What does she do to keep herself occupied, besides play polo? Fashion design.

"I have been dreaming and planning this for quite some time and am excited about this new venture and can't wait to share it with people," says the Texas native.

Having launched her company in 2019, Azzaro's interest in leather goods stems from her Texan heritage. "I have always loved fashion, and leather and hides are a big part of my life…especially being from Texas. Being outdoors around animals and nature also really inspires me."

Azzaro met HPL Founder and President Christopher Dawson in 2017 when Dawson invited her steady, Santi Torres, to compete in the 2017 Hawaii Invitational of Polo. The 2017 event was an all-pro polo match that featured world-class professional athletes from around the world. Entitled The Kahala Hotel and Resort Hawaii Invitational of Polo Presented by Cartier, this polo match paired two 25-goal teams to total 50-goals on the field. It was the first-ever of its kind in Hawaii.

"I fell in love with Hawaii instantly and connected with Chris, and understood his vision for polo and fashion," said the 21-year-old.

Having traveled extensively with Santi on the pro circuit, often clearing five states and two countries in a year, this aerial yogini finds her center by channeling her creativity into leather goods.

In our latest shoot, we turned to Allie for her style advice and paired her Living Wild Tops and Alligator and Rattlesnake cuffs with our leggings and sports bras. "I love the bright colors in the new HPL line, especially the orange leggings, and thought my tops and cuffs would go perfectly, with the Colorado landscape in the background."

Check out the latest video from our trail ride at the base of the Rocky Mountains!



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