Globe-trotter Mariano Gracida Takes the field for one more sunset before returning to Wellington, FL and before competing in Denver with Team Hawaii Polo Life. 

Hawaii Polo Life with Lauren Teruya

Nano Gracida, Lauren Teruya, Tatu Romero Gomez, Chris Dawson, Juliette Martin, Santi Sheriff, Brittan Byrd, and Becca Costa. 

Team Hawaii Polo Life provided another exciting weekend of polo to local fans who were thrilled to cheer on Hawaii Polo Life Ambassador, Nano Gracida, on his last Sunday in Hawaii Nei. “I’ve grown to really love the people here, and hope that the fans follow our progress as we get ready to compete in Denver,” said the 26-year-old, 4-goaler.

Hawaii Polo Life defeats Team Equus

Tomas & Mariana Cavanagh present the Trophy to Hawaii Polo Life. 

While both teams were closely ranked in collective goal ratings (Equus, 9 and Hawaii Polo Life, 10) it was team Hawaii Polo Life who eventually dominated the field annihilating their opponents 12-3. These wins help to prepare team Patron, Christopher Dawson, who has been intensely training his team to compete in the next 6-weeks leading up to Polo Fest in Denver, Colorado.

Chris Dawson Takes the Field at Sunday June 23rd Defeating Team Equus

Chris Dawson taking the Field. 

“Colorado is serious. We begin the battle with the qualification rounds.  If Hawaii Polo Life survives those, then we compete in the finals.  The winner of the finals go on to play in Polo Fest.” said the Hawaii native.

This would be the second year that Hawaii Polo Life will compete in Denver and Dawson is looking forward to spending another season there. “The fields at J5 Equestrian Center are immaculate, it’s an amazing experience to play there and it’s something that I hope to be able to experience for as long as I can.” said Dawson.

In 2018, in true underdog fashion, Hawaii Polo Life battled a lightning storm to come up 5-goals for the win, watched as fellow teammate, Nano Gracida narrowly escaped a harrowing fall, and battled tooth and nail with world ranking International teams. While it didn’t bring them victory in the Finals, it made them smarter and ready to engage in battle in 2019. 

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Spotted in the Hawaii Polo Life Lounge: 

Mariana Cavanagh Presents Trophy to Hawaii Polo Life Team

Mariana Cavanagh with Hawaii Pollo Life Ambassador Paulo. 

Visiting the team, from Argentina, was the legend Tomas Cavanagh.  Tomas is a second generation polo player and father to All-star player, Diego Cavanagh. Tomas and his wife Mariana are summering in Hawaii with their daughter, Delfina and son-in-law, Hawaii Polo Life Manager and team rider, Tatu Gomez.

November 02, 2021 — Lehua Kai