Learn the story behind the brand

More than just a brand, it's a lifestyle! Hawaii Polo Life is a global brand that fuses ocean and polo culture showcasing the beauty of Hawaii. Created by its owner, Christopher Dawson, in 2012 as a tribute to the historic, luxurious, and highly adorned Hawaiian Polo athletes; Hawaii Polo Life is built with a mission to unite the Polo community, the Aloha Spirit and the beauty of Hawaii.

Founder and Visionary of Hawaii Polo Life (HPL) and the President and Founder of the Hawaii International Polo Association (HIPA), Christopher Dawson has taken his passion for polo and has turned it into a clothing brand that fuses the ocean and polo cultures of Hawaii. Additionally, Chris was the first USPA Circuit Governor to term out off his position. After 10 years of sitting on the board of the USPA Chris was inspired to re-energize the sport in Hawaii and started the HPL Polo Player Exchange program. Since 2015 Chris has been bringing in pros from all over the globe to play polo in Hawaii and was the first person to sponsor an All-Pro team. Chris now travels the world to play polo with world class players.


It began as a magazine publication that focused on blending ocean culture with word class polo in Hawaii, with a targeted audience of travelers, lifestyle aficionados and fashionistas. It soon expanded its brand by creating a line of polo related apparel worn by players and sold to attendees of its annual polo tournament. As popularity of the event and apparel grew, so did its expansion and signature collection. It is now comprised primarily of numerous lines of apparel, ranging from athletic wear and related products for both men and women. The common thread among all of them is the brand’s vision of fusing ocean and polo culture showcasing the beauty of Hawaii. The brand, in conjunction with Hawaii Polo Productions is also the producer of various equestrian events that bring in the world’s best polo athletes to the state of Hawaii.


The Hawaii International Polo Association (HIPA) was founded in 2013 and has three tenets:

- Celebrate the sport of polo in Hawaii since 1880.

- Develop an equine retirement facility for polo ponies.

- Support at risk youth via horsemanship programs.

The most reputable polo players in Hawaii serve as advisors and ambassadors, each with more than 20 years of polo experience and contributions to Hawaii. Our association not only celebrates the rich history of polo in Hawaii but also assures that the next century is even more spectacular. Our challenge now is to ensure polo's place in Hawaii for generations to come. With this goal, Hawaii Polo Productions was created to identify unique venues, produce world-class polo events and showcase individual and collective talents. We believe that Hawaii is an ideal place to showcase world-class polo. In doing so, we celebrate our rich history of polo in the Hawaiian Islands, dating back to 1880 during the reign of our King David Kalākaua, while promoting polo for future generations.