Introducing our HPL Ohana. Meet players that are currently playing in our teams around the world. Also meet players that played with us in the past.

Chris Dawson

Founder and Visionary of Hawaii Polo Life (HPL) and the President and Founder of the Hawaii International Polo Association (HIPA). Christopher Dawson has taken his passion for polo and has turned it into a clothing brand that fuses the ocean and polo cultures of Hawaii. Additionally, Chris was the first USPA Circuit Governor to term out off his position. After 10 years of sitting on the board of the USPA Chris was inspired to re-energize the sport in Hawaii and started the HPL Polo Player Exchange program. Since 2015 Chris has been bringing in pros from all over the globe to play polo in Hawaii and was the first person to sponsor an All-Pro team. Collectively the All-Pro team had made up 40-goals, the highest ever to be played in the state. Chris now travels the world to play polo with world class players.

Adolfo Cambiaso

Currently ranked as the most successful player in the world and a reference in the polo world. Since beginning his professional career he has won 160 titles along 7 different countries including Argentina, the US, the UK and Spain among others. Adolfo has repeatedly won the Argentine Open, competing 28 times and winning 17 times. He scored more than 1,000 goals in the Argentine Open alone, breaking the record held by Bautista Heguy with 531 goals. He holds the record of being the player holding uninterruptedly his 10 handicap for more than 27 years (from 1994-today). At age 25, Cambiaso decided to create his own breeding business, as well as the polo team La Dolfina. Today he has nearly 1000 horses on his extensive farms.

Poroto Cambiaso

Poroto Cambiaso, born with polo in his blood, is a young prodigy making waves in the competitive world of polo. As the son of the legendary Argentine polo player, Adolfo Cambiaso, Poroto's journey in the sport began with an unparalleled advantage—immersed in the game from a young age, surrounded by the sport's finest players and horses.

With a natural affinity for horses and an innate talent for polo, Poroto's passion for the sport was evident early on. Under the guidance of his father and renowned mentors, he quickly honed his skills, displaying an extraordinary understanding of the game's intricacies and strategy.

In a momentous occasion, Poroto's name was etched into the history books when he joined forces with his father to become part of the first-ever father-son team to triumph at the esteemed Argentine Open in 2022. This remarkable achievement not only celebrated their exceptional talent but also showcased the powerful bond between them both on and off the polo field.

As a proud representative of Hawaii Polo Life, Poroto's journey epitomizes the essence of Hawaii's equestrian heritage. The brand's emblem—a striking horse in mid-gallop—perfectly symbolizes the connection between humans and horses, reflecting Poroto's deep roots in the sport and his commitment to putting Hawaii on the global polo map.

Despite his young age, Poroto possesses a maturity and composure beyond his years, displaying a humility and genuine love for the sport that endears him to fans and peers alike. He continues to work diligently, striving to carve out his own path in the competitive world of polo while honoring the legacy of his family's renowned name.

As a rising star in the polo world, Poroto Cambiaso's future is bright, with a promising career ahead of him. With each match, he cements his position as a remarkable talent, earning admiration and respect from the polo community and leaving an indelible mark on the sport he loves. As he continues to develop and grow, Poroto's journey serves as an inspiration to young players everywhere, proving that passion, dedication, and a strong foundation can propel one to extraordinary heights in the thrilling world of polo.

Diego Cavanagh

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Diego has played polo since he was a child. His father was also a player so he learned his skill set from him. Even though his father was a farmer and didn’t play polo as a pro, Diego still followed in his footsteps until he was 22-years old. At 22, he decided to try professional polo. He started playing polo in the United Kingdom and was skilled enough to win the British Open Gold cup while playing with Dubai in 2014. He went on to win the American Triple Crown in 2016 with Valiente, Copa Cámara Diputados in 2009 and 2011. Additional wins include Copa Republica three times. Diego played the 2021 Triple Crown with La Dolfina and is currently playing for the Hawaii Polo Life team in the Florida 2022 season.

Jejo Taranco

Born in Uruguay, Jejo began his polo career as a groom at 22. He became a pro with a 3 goal rating in Germany where Juan Ruiz Guinazu sent him to play with a patron. It didn’t take him very long before he started traveling around the world and became the polo Manager for Sotogrande and worked for the Zobel family. Since then he’s played with Adolfo Cambiaso for Valiente and Dubai during 3 season in US and 2 seasons in Sotogrande. In 2017 he got a call from Guille Terrera and Diego Cavanagh to be part of a team that later became La Dolfina Polo Ranch and that year and he made his debut in the Argentine Open. Now he works and plays for J5 Equestrian and La Dolfina and is part of the World Polo League. He also plays for La Dolfina Brava team sponsored by Hawaii Polo Life.

Guillermo Terrera

Guillermo Terrera has played all over the world, including China, Switzerland, and England. In Argentina, he has played with La Dolfina with Pelon in the Polo Tour of Argentina. Guillermo is from Monte, which is around 30km from Lobos in the Provincia de Buenos Aires. Among, his awards Terre won the US Open in 2015. “Terre” plays for La Dolfina Brava in the Argentina Open sponsored by Hawaii Polo Life.

Rodrigo Ribeiro de Andrade

Borned in Brazil, Rodrigo initiated his career back in his country and in Argentina where he played the Argentina Open under different teams including Sao Jose, Chapa, La Natividad, and La Esquina and he was even sub of Ellerstina and La Dolfina. In 2019 Rodrigo won the Argentina Open playing for La Dolfina when he had to sub Juan Martin Nero in the last chukker. During 2021, Rodrigo played in La Dolfina Brava, team sponsored by Hawaii Polo Life.

Tatu Gomez Romero

Tatu is a third generation polo player from Argentina. He started his polo career at 18 years old and travelled both to America and Europe for many years until 2019 when he was invited to run the Hawaii Polo Life operations on Oahu. Tatu is Chris’ current polo manager. He travels with Chris wherever he plays, spending long seasons in Hawaii, Florida, Argentina and Colorado. He manages Chris’ organization while also playing with him in some tournaments around the world. “I am very glad to be both a player and manager of the amazing organization called Hawaii Polo Life.” Tatu is playing the 2022 Florida season for the Hawaii Polo Life team.

Jeronimo Del Carril

Born in Buenos Aires Jeronimo has played in the Metropolitan Cup High Goal (Handicap), The Royal Windsor Final and the Dubai Gold Cup Semi Final, just to name a few. Dubbed the new international polo star, by Living Polo, he spent 2019 in Palermo where he continues to climb up the ranks of this international sport. During 2021, Jero played for La Ensenada in the Argentinean triple Crown.

Santi Torres Hawaii Polo Life

Santi Torres

Youngest polo player to turn pro at 11 years old. Torres is American born in Santa Barbara, CA with Argentine heritage. Torres emerged on the polo scene with unyielding passion and natural ability. His early journey to make a name for himself was documented in the film, “The Polo Kid,” as he was nicknamed. Has a special affinity towards Hawaii.

Matias Torres Zavaleta

Matias Torres Zavaleta went all the way to victory during the 2017 polo season at the International Polo Club Palm Beach, achieving polo’s elusive Triple Crown with his Valiente teammates. Along with the legendary Adolfo Cambiaso, Diego Cavanagh and patron Bob Jornayvaz, Zavaleta ran the table on IPC’s 26-goal tournaments in 2017, winning the C.V. Whitney Cup, the USPA Gold Cup and the U.S. Open Polo Championship. Zavaleta’s contributions in the U.S. Open final earned him MVP honors.

Juan Martin Zubia

Zubia was born in Argentina and had been playing polo for 12 years. Over the years, he has had the opportunity to play with such polo legends as Adolfo Cambiaso, Hilario Ulloa, and Guillermo Terrera. Coined as the next up and coming polo star, Zubia's favorite horse of all time was Cuartetera, who nows plays with Adolfo Cambiaso. Zubia played on the Hawaii Polo Life team in the 2019 Polo Fest.

Hilario Ulloa

Hilario Ulloa grew up in Argentina, watching his father and expert horse breeder Carlos “Polito” Ulloa train and breed polo horses. Having grown up with horses and polo players always around him, he dreamed of one day playing in the prestigious Argentine Open. He got that wish in 2013, and in 2014, he won the U.S. Open with Alegria at IPC. Other highlights include; 2019 highlights include British Open Semi-Final, Queens Cup, US Open Final, and CV Whitney. You'll find Hilario playing in Wellington, Denver, and Argentina.

Iñaki Laprida

Inaki Laprida is an 8-goal player who played back for Nacho Figueras Argentine Open team Yatay. He partners with his brother Magoo in the foursome that has become very popular amongst polo followers in Argentina for punching above their weight in the last couple of seasons and becoming a real challenge to the status quo. Laprida is extremely athletic and has won the Sotogrande Triple Crown in Spain and was a finalist in the U.S. Open at 19 years of age. During 2021, Iñaki played the final of the Silver Cup and the Pacific Coast Open in the Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club. USPA America Cup.

Robertito Zedda

Robert Zedda started his polo life in California where he played for 10 years between Indio and Santa Barbara. He has been working for Valiente Polo Team as manager since 2008 organizing polo seasons in Palm Beach, Denver, England and Spain. He is also very involved in the breeding programme between La Dolfina and Valiente. He is currently also playing for Dundas Polo team in Santa Barbara and Palm Beach.

Nic Roldan

Winning victoriously on five continents at every goal level, Nic continues to gain worldwide acclaim. With an 8-goal handicap rating, he is currently the Captain of the American Polo Team and is the leading American polo player. He is normally referred to as Nic, the youngest ever polo player to win the US Polo Open with the Escue Team at the age of 15. His home base is in the US equestrian epicentre Wellington, Florida. His philanthropic involvement in charity tournaments is widely recognized, as well as his modeling career.

JP Clarkin

He spends most of his year overseas playing polo in Australia, England, Argentina, South Africa as well as New Zealand. He is married to the top ranking and highest goal female player in the world, Nina Clarkin. He spends the major part of each year overseas playing polo in Australia, England, Argentina and South Africa as well as New Zealand.

Jeff Hall

Jeff Hall was raised in Santa Barbara, CA and Houston, TX. Hall began riding horses at four years old in Indio, CA where his father John Hall, an enthusiastic polo sponsor instilled a passion for the sport. By the time Jeff was seven he had already decided what he wanted for his future. His dream of becoming a professional polo player became a reality at 12 years old and he hasn’t looked back since.

Jack Whitman

Jack Whitman is 17 years old and was born in Monroe, New York. He is a first-generation polo player and has been chasing the sun and his dream for the last four years trying to find the best polo to play. In this short time, he has already won the 2021 USPA CV Whitney Cup, Bronze Trophy and National President’s Cup in the United States and the AAP Thai Polo Cup and Polo Tour Solidario in Argentina. He is a member of Team USPA, a group of talented young American players identified by the USPA to help grow the pool of higher rated players in the United States. Jack has been a big supporter of Hawaii Polo Life since Chris first founded the brand.

Jake Klentner

Jake was born in Los Angeles, California where he grew up playing polo in Santa Barbara with his father and brother. Jake has just entered his professional polo career and has enjoyed playing in Argentina, Santa Barbara, and now Florida this season. Last season he won USPA Intra-Circuit 12 goal, the USPA Silver Cup, USPA America Cup, and USPA Pacific Coast Open in an undefeated season with Klentner Ranch in the 16 goal.

Simon Keyte

New Zealand born Simon, or Sly as he is often known, has long been a part of the Black Bears Polo Club. When not in the UK for the European Season, he is based back in New Zealand running Mystery Creek Polo Club, along with his cousin JP Clarkin.

Juan Martin Obregon

Juan, the second youngest in his family, is from a family of six and is one of three polo-playing brothers. He currently played in the World Polo League with team Alegria.

Tommy Collingwood

Born in Argentina, Tommy grew up around horses but he wasn’t born into a family from generations of polo players. His mom was a top jumper in Argentina and his dad played a sport called Pato. He moved to the United States at four years old and his dad was offered a job to run a small polo club in Pennsylvania. At 13 he moved to Florida where he played with Mariano Gracida, Carlitos Gracida and Santi.

Gi Gilbrat

Gi assisted Hawaii Polo Life with our horse operations and training program in 2018. He currently resides in Argentina and competes in the Dubai Goal season Gold cup, Silver Cup and President Cup.

Luis Escobar

Owner of Santa Clara Polo Club and has sold multiple horses to Chris Dawson and Hawaii Polo Life. He owns the Santa Clara Polo Club in Palm Beach, Florida. Luis Escobar was born in Costa Rica. After graduating from high school in Costa Rica, he moved to Wellington, Florida with his parents in 1989.He graduated from Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida where he received a Bachelor of Science in Marketing. In 1984 his father purchased the Santa Clara Polo Club in Palm Beach, Florida. He trains and sells polo ponies to players from around the world.

Mariano Gracida

The youngest son of legendary Carlos Gracida. Mariano served as a brand Ambassador for Hawaii Polo Life and has competed and won multiple tournaments as well as earned various MVP standings.

Carlitos Gracida

The eldest son of legendary polo player, Carlos Gracida. Carlitos has taken the position as the head of the family and has most recently won the 2018 World Cup, 2018 Fall International against Brazil where he won MVP as well as best playing pony. In addition to polo he manages the Gracida Legacy wine brand he and his brother Mariano have launched.

Patrick Uretz

Born in Malibu, California Patrick was introduced to the sport by his parents and started playing at Eldorado, Empire, and Santa Barbara polo clubs in junior polo programs. Patrick has played polo in Argentina, Canada, China, Chile, Dominican Republic and England, as well as Australia. Patrick went to Westmont College.

Nicolas Escobar

Nicolas or “Nico” is originally from Wellington, Florida. His favorite field to play on is Field 2 of Palermo. His first trip to Hawaii was in 2019 where he played with his father and brother on the Dillingham Ranch Polo Field. He has won the America’s Cup and was also the MVP in the America’s cup.

Lucas Escobar

Lucas or “Luke” was born in Wellington, Florida and is the younger brother of Nico, and son of Luis Escobar. His favorite field to play on is Field 1 of the International Polo Club. He first played in Hawaii in 2019 at the Dillingham Ranch Polo Field. Even at a young age he has won the Westchester Cup two years in a row and has played high goal polo such as the 22 Goal Gold Cup.

Rob Joyrnayvaz

Rob has spent time with horses his entire life. He initially began his equestrian career as a jumper and then crossed over to polo which wasn’t surprising since his father owns and operates J5 Equestrian and the Valiente polo team. Since the switch he has played with professional greats like Adolfo Cambiaso, Matias Zavaleta, Santi Torres and many others. His latest venture, Polo Fest, is quickly becoming the biggest polo/music festival in America.

Julian Alvarez

Julian is a professional polo player who is originally from Argentina. Julian, plays for Noh Foods Hawaii and his home club is the Hawaii Polo Club.

Benjamin Avendaño

Benjamin was born in Miami Florida in 1998, and grew up in both Miami and Argentina where he has been a dedicated polo player. He has played in Copa de Oro Ellerstina 2018, 12-Goal Tournaments at Grand Champions in Wellington, FL in 2019 and was a Joe Barry 2019 finalist. He was also a part of the winning 2019 GJ Racing team during the 2019 Brooke USA’s Sunset Polo & White Party held at the Wanderers Club in Wellington.

Hazel Jackson

Hazel Jackson is a professional polo player born and raised in the UK. Hazel is known to be one of the best female polo players in the world. With 2 goals in mixed polo and 10 goals in women’s handicap ratings. She has been playing polo all her life and travels throughout the year between time Argentina, USA and England. One of Hazel’s notable achievements was winning the Royal Windsor 15-goal Tournament with the UAE Polo Team, where Queen Elizabeth herself presented the trophy. Hazel has also competed in the Argentina Ladies Open five times, winning it twice. Hazel also competes at the top level in the UK and is the captain of the English Ladies Polo team. Hazel has played for Hawaii Polo Life since 2021, playing in the 2021 US Open Championship Finals.

Mia Cambiaso

Pamela started playing polo while at boarding school at Culver Academies. She went on to SMU where she was one of the founding members of the SMU Polo Team. After graduating from SMU, she continued her involvement with the polo team while attending the SMU Dedman School of Law. Pamela is now an Attorney with a focus on Commercial Property Tax matters. She also sits on the Board of Governors for the United States Polo Association. Pamela is a rescue horse advocate who rescues and rehabilitates slaughter bound horses to become Polo Ponies. Her first rescue, Stella played in the 2019 US Open Women’s Polo Championship where Pamela and the Hawaii Polo Life team took the victory. Pamela was awarded Amateur MVP, and was the recipient of the 2019 Clint Nagle Equine Welfare award. Pamela has played for the HPL team in the 2019, 2020, and 2021 US Open Women’s Polo Championship tournaments. Securing victory in both 2019, and 2020, and making it to the finals in 2021. She will be yet again joining the HPL team in the 2022 US Open Women’s Polo Championship series.

Pamela Flanagan

Bio: Pamela started playing polo while in high school at Culver Academies. From there she went on to SMU where she was one of the founding members of the SMU Polo Team. After graduating from SMU, Pam continued her involvement with the polo team while attending the SMU Dedman School of Law. She is now an attorney based in Chicago, IL. Pamela is a rescue horse advocate and rescues and rehabilitates slaughter bound horses to become Polo Ponies. Her first rescue, Stella played in this years Women’s US Open where Pamela and the Hawaii Polo life Team took the victory.

Nina Clarkin

Nina is ranked at the highest goal rating of 10 and is the number one female polo player in the world. She has been playing polo since she was 6-years old and spends her time between England and New Zealand. She is the only female in the world to have won the British Open Gold in 2003. Nina played for Hawaii Polo Life in the 2019 and 2020 US Women’s Open Polo Championship, where the team won back to back tournament championship titles.

Chloe Carabasi

Chloe is currently a Hawaii Polo Life ambassador and can be seen in the 2019 product campaigns. Chloe currently lives in Los Angeles, where she plays and practices polo at Will Roger’s Polo Field. Not only is Chloe an active polo player and equestrian, she is also an actress and has been cast in numerous roles since 2015.

Grace Mudra

Grace, born and raised in Texas, aside from summers in Naperville, began riding horses before she could walk. She started playing polo when she was old enough to hold a mallet. The sport of polo runs thick in her blood as her mother Pam is the executive director of Chicago Polo and her father, Billy is a professional polo player.

Dolores Isabel Onetto

Third generation polo player behind her grandfather Horacio Onetto and father Horacio Onetto Jr. Despite originating from a polo family Dolores only started playing polo three and a half years ago, as she did competitive gymnastics throughout her youth. Dolores had the opportunity to play the 2020 U.S. Open Women’s Championship Final, 2021 Tabebuia Cup, and the 2021 U.S. Open Women’s Championship Tournament with the Hawaii Polo Life team. Blessed to have been mentored by father Horacio and uncle Marcos Onetto throughout the season and mounted collectively by their amazing ponies. Chris Dawson, and the whole Hawaii Polo Life organization gave Dolores the opportunity of a lifetime, that she is forever grateful for!

Tiare Paty

Born in Waialua, Oahu Tiare has been playing with Hawaii Polo Life for more than 19 years. In addition to playing polo, Tiare is tasked with managing the polo farm and all of the horse operations for Hawaii Polo Life in Hawaii. She is the leading female in Hawaii for everything equestrian and polo. Her high standards and discipline in care, grooming, training and technical skills are not easily matched. Her daily life is dedicated to the happiness and safety of her horses and riders. Tiare has played extensively both in Hawaii and New Zealand. She grew up around horses riding in the Pony Club and started training polo horses at the Honolulu Polo Club in her early twenties.

Cecily Coors

Cecily found her way into the saddle at 10 years old. Since then, she earned success in the show jumping ring winning numerous awards at the national level. Cecily worked as a large animal veterinary technician and researcher under Dr. Marvin Beeman, Dr. Duncan Peters and Dr. Lori Bidwell. Her equestrian interest led her to ride out with the hounds across open terrain numerous Sundays with the Arapahoe Hunt Club (Colorado). She switched to polo her freshman year of college. She is a Junior attending the Leeds School of Business - University of Colorado/Boulder and is a Presidents Leadership Class scholar. Cecily is a triplet. Her triplet brothers (Joseph and William) and her mom (Kathy) also play polo.