The Hawaii Polo Association

The Hawaii International Polo Association (HIPA) was founded in 2013, by Native Hawaiian Chris Dawson as a way to honor King David Kalakaua and his passion and vision for the future of Hawaii. Kalakaua was referred to as the Merrie Monarch for his patronage of music, dance and culture. Horses were a very big part of that culture through paniolo (cowboys) and the noble sport of polo.  "We have an incredible history dating back to the 1880s and King Kalakaua, when polo was first introduced to Hawaii and played in Palama, between British Naval offices and local residents," says Dawson. It was also discovered that Kapiolani Park once held a polo field and a horse race track, where His Majesty would entertain dignitaries from around the world. HIPA is dedicated to celebrating the rich history of the sport of polo in Hawaii since 1880, via various multimedia platforms and sporting events. 

Polo is a Noble Sport

The sport of polo being played in Hawaii dates back to the 1880's under the reign of King David Kalakaua.

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