Rows of chiseled horses line the muddy, single-lane road, which leads to one of the most sought after polo fields in America...the Columbine Polo Reserve. On any given day during July and August, it's common to hear the loud thumping of hooves as horses fly by multi-million dollar homes that crescent this plush field. At first, you aren't sure if you are still in the states. It almost feels as if you've landed in Argentina, as Spanish rolls off the tongue of 80 percent of the beautiful crowd. But, as you get closer to the player tents and the shroud of intimidation evaporates, everything speeds back up. It almost seems like a hurricane has hit. Players are screaming across the field to their teammates, hopping from the saddle of one horse to the next before galloping back into the game - imagine the pit stop for NASCAR but filled with horses. Muscularly carved perfect specimens are flying from one goal to the next mounted by the most influential athletes in the world. And while polo is known as the sport of Kings, today a queen has taken the field, and her name is Pamela. 

"It made the most sense that Pamela fill in for me in the last game of the Colorado Open," said HPL Founder and team Patron Christopher Dawson. "She's the captain of the HPL Women's team, who recently won the 2019 USPA U.S. Women's Open. She is also our HPL Brand Ambassador. Over the last four years, I've had the opportunity to watch her grow as an athlete, and I am confident that she can hold it down on the field in my place."

Flanagan, best known for her keen observation skills and defensive moves, had this to say. "I can't even begin to express what an honor it has been to play for Chris on team HPL. Without the combined support of HPL and Valiente, I wouldn't have experienced some of the most memorable polo in my life. We have some big things happening in 2020!! Stay tuned."


June 21, 2021 — Lehua Kai