Hawaii Polo Life Visionary and Team Patron Chris Dawson and Tatu Romero Gear up to take Team Hawaii Polo Life to Denver.

While July marks the end of the polo season, in Hawaii, for team Hawaii Polo Life - the farm couldn’t be busier. “This is the time when the horses get to recover from a season that has been fast and furious.” Says owner Chris Dawson. "We need to pull new fencing and clear the pastures of weeds and debris.”

Horse Operations Manager, Tiare Paty, is tasked with managing the 20-acres of land that makes up Anuenue Farms. And after 19-years at her position, she is no stranger to the endless hours of labor that go into ensuring the well-being of these animals. “We pull off 120 shoes, deep clean and condition multiple saddles, saddle pads, wraps, bits, mallets and training gear for 30 horses. Once that’s complete, we haul everything back into storage.”

Once life on the farm wraps, Polo Manager, Tatu Romero and, HPL Founder, Chris Dawson will depart for Denver. From there, team Hawaii Polo Life will compete in the Colorado Open with all roads leading to Polo Fest. Professional players Alejo Taranco (8 Goals) and Jeronimo Del Carril (8 Goals) will be joining the team along with HPL Ambassador Mariano Gracida (4 Goals). Collectively the team will play as 22 Goals.

Before team Hawaii Polo Life enters the Colorado Open, they will participate in warm-up tournaments that begin at the end of July. The Open starts on August 17, at J5 Equestrian, ending with Polo Fest, on the 31 at the Denver Polo Club. This year Polo Fest brings Norwegian DJ, songwriter and record producer Kygo to the stage with opening act Sofie Tukker.

 If you can’t join us on the road in Denver, then be sure to follow the highlights on Instagram and Facebook. You can also watch us on Polo Channel.

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June 21, 2021 — Lehua Kai