"There's something about Hawaii that makes you feel energized yet calm. It's a unique feeling, it's hard to explain you simply have to experience it."

Pamela Flanagan Spotlight by Hawaii Polo Life

This is what Pamela Flanagan had to say about her last trip to Hawaii as a Hawaii Polo Life Brand Ambassador. Best known as an advocate for repurposing horses who are bound for slaughter, this modern day Pioneer Woman has inspired a slew (8,326...and growing) of followers that look up to the model, attorney, polo player, who is changing the face of polo, one pony at a time. 

"My ideal polo pony would be a colorful rescue pony turned polo pony," says the 27-year-old. "I absolutely love colorful horses-paints, Palominos, Appaloosas. I also like small handy horses, most of mine are 15 hands or under." When she's not scouting for rescues, Flanagan likes to follow International breeder Horacio Heguy, and his Chestnut Sabino named Jazmin who Flanagan describes as "eye candy."  

Pamela Flanagan Spotlight by Hawaii Polo Life

Also on her list is a Palamino Stallion named Jordy, who just so happens to belong to beau Rob Jornayvaz Jr. 

Having grown up with four brothers and riding horses for most of her life, one might expect Flanagan to be a tomboy of sorts, but after meeting the Southern Methodist University Graduate, who also loves yoga, it was clear that this petite, feminine powerhouse has no problem gracefully weaving her way through, what she describes, a "rough and tumble sport" largely played by men. 

"If playing polo wasn't an option for me, I would likely find another horse sport to pursue...maybe jumping, or barrel racing, something fast and exciting,"

Pamela Flanagan Spotlight by Hawaii Polo Life

says the thrill-seeking nature lover. In March of 2017 Hawaii Polo Life signed Pamela as a Polo Athlete Ambassador and flew she and her bestie, actress Chloe Carabasi to Honolulu for the Kahala Hotel and Resort 2017 Hawaii Invitational of Polo presented by Cartier. This high goal match featured two 25-goal teams. 

Flanagan described the trip as THE ultimate get away.

Pamela Flanagan playing for Hawaii Polo Life Team

"Literally this trip was surreal. We rode horses, watched high goal polo, swam in the ocean, went on magical hikes. I was with my boyfriend, my best friend and a large group of other friends both old and new. It was a trip I will never forget." 

We want to thank you Pamela for being a leader and fighting your cause with Grace and Beauty! Follow her on Instagram @pamela_alina check out her bestie Chloe @ccarabasi

- Here are some quick facts about our Polo Athlete Ambassador Pamela Flanagan -

- Why did you decide to be a brand Ambassador for Hawaii Polo Life?
I loved the vision for the brand and the sport. Most importantly I really love & believe in the people behind it all. 
- Do you have a favorite island? 
I’ve only been to Oahu. So I suppose it’s my favorite by default! Exploring more is definitely on my to-do list. 
- Favorite food?
This is tough. I don’t have a favorite “type” of food per se. The best food is fresh food. Just about anything my mom or sister makes is amazing... ok on second thought I do love homemade Spanakopita (a traditional greek dish) 
- Favorite color? 
It changes but at the moment I really love Jade Green. 



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