The Nina Clarkin Slam
No Doubt, Nina Clarkin is the best lady player in the world. The Woman, born 36 years ago with the name Carina Vestey, is the strongest female polo player on the field in any venue in the world. She has proven it in England, guiding Dodson & Horrel to last June win in the 2018 British Open at Cowdray Park. She has proved it last December in Palermo, winning the Women's Argentina Open with La Dolfina Brava - for the second time in a row.  And now, she has completed the Grand Slam of important international polo tournaments by winning the Susan G. Komen U.S. Open Women’s Polo Championship™️ at the International Polo Club Palm Beach in Wellington, Florida, leading the Hawaii Polo Life team to earn the "Nina Slam." 
Even after being named as the Most Valuable Player of the final, scoring 7 of her team's goals in the 10-5 victory over Cabo Wabo, the 10-goaler remains humble as ever: "It is amazing now to look back and think we have won, considering we nearly did not make it into the semifinals'
The match was also a bit of a personal revenge: "I played in the Houston U.S. Open last November but we did not do very well! Now we did it!"
June 21, 2021 — Jesse Garcia