This special edition of HPL x Rocio G line was inspired by the beauty of Hawaii and the artisanal handcrafted leather goods from Argentina. It was a natural collaboration from our mutual love for nature, polo and craftsmanship.


Who is Rocio G?

Rocio G was conceived as a leather brand in 2007, inspired in Argentine culture with a touch of Native American western style. Today—more than a decade later and with many collections behind them—this childhood-friend partnership became a ready-to-wear accessories fashion brand that sells worldwide.

Rocio Gonzalez, the founder of the brand, is a creative and talented natural artisan; it all started off as a hobby: she began by hand painting each piece of the first bag collection. Constantly surrounded by nature and with a very casual-style identity, natural fabrics such us leather are a must, not only in her creative process but also in her wardrobe.

Loló Tanoira, co-founder, vibrantly creative, boasts long-standing experience in fashion retail. Cool and effortlessly, she is able to mix colors and create something great as nobody else can.


Christopher Dawson

(Left to right: Andrea Stickel, Christopher Dawson, and Jessica Woods)

Hawaii Polo Life Dinner

(Left to right: Brittany Byrd, Allie Chu, Delfina Cavanagh, and Faith Rogers)

Rocio G

(Left to right: Delfina Cavanagh, Rocio G, and Pamela Flanagan)

Photo Credit: Ijfke Ridgely

November 02, 2021 — Stephanie Wright