Hawaii Polo Life is extremely excited to announce our Women's Team playing in the U.S. Open Women’s Polo Championship™️ at the world-renowned International Polo Club Palm Beach. You can find our Women's team playing on Sunday, March 17th versus Icon Global wearing our new 2019 Jersey Collection. 

Meet our Team:

Pamela Flanagan for Hawaii Polo Life Team

1. Pamela Flanagan (@pamela_alina) one of the four amazing women representing the Team Hawaii Polo Life. Pamela started playing polo while in high school at Culver Academies. From there she went on to SMU where she was one of the founding members of the SMU Polo Team. After graduating from SMU, Pam continued her involvement with the polo team while attending the SMU Dedman School of Law. She is now an attorney based in Chicago, IL. Pamela is a rescue horse advocate and leads by example by rescuing, rehabilitating and retraining slaughter-bound horses to become Polo Ponies. Her first rescue, Stella, #RescuePonyStella will be playing in this year’s Women’s US Open!

Nina Clarkin for Hawaii Polo Life Team
2. Nina Clarkin (@ninaclarkin) has been playing polo since she was 6 years old and turned professional after university. She now is a mother of two, and bases herself between England and New Zealand as she plays year round. Nina is rated 3 goals in England and 4 in New Zealand. She is rated a 10 in women’s polo. In women’s polo she has won the British Women’s Open, the Argentine Women’s Open and the French Open. Nina also won the British Open Gold in 2003 with her husband and is the only women to have ever won it! Welcome to the team Nina. 
Anja Jacobs for Hawaii Polo Life Team
3. Anja Jacobs was born and raised in Miami. Anja didn’t start playing polo until she moved to Atlanta in her 30’s. She has become completely addicted and tries to spend Thanksgiving each year in Argentina training. We’re super excited to have you representing us this year! Welcome to #TeamHawaiiPoloLife
Mia Cambiaso for Hawaii Polo Life Team

4. Mia Cambiaso (@miacambiaso) is our final player representing Team Hawaii Polo Life in the U.S Open Women's Polo Championship. Mia is the daughter of legendary polo star Adolfo Cambiaso. She is rated a 6 in women's polo and we couldn't be more excited to have her on our team. 

Don't forget to the tune in on Saturday, March 23rd for the Finals. Check out our Hawaii Polo Life instagram stories for key highlights and winner circles.  Good luck to our players!  

Photo credit to Gabriella Stodd @gabriellestoddphotography

June 21, 2021 — Jesse Garcia